Patients' rights and responsibilities

Patient rights

The right to respect and dignity

Every patient has the right to be treated with respect and dignity without any discrimination or violation of his or her personal rights.

Right to communicate

You have the right to communicate freely with your health care team and understand information about your health condition.

The right to view the medical file

You may request access to and copies of your medical records in accordance with approved policies and procedures.

right to choose treatment

You have the right to choose, accept or refuse the treatment offered to you, with appropriate medical advice.

Right to privacy

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your medical and personal information.

right to inquiries and complaints

You have the right to submit inquiries and complaints, and they will be dealt with quickly and effectively.

The right to safety

You should receive safe and effective medical care, with every measure taken to ensure your safety during treatment

Right to medical information

You should receive sufficient and clear information about your condition and the proposed treatment plans.

Right of refusal and withdrawal

You have the right to refuse or withdraw treatment at any time, and advice will be provided about the implications of this decision.

Visitors' right

You are allowed to visit relatives and friends according to the specified time and hospital policies.

The right to participate in research

If you are invited to participate in medical research, you have the right to accept or decline as you choose.

The right of transfer and transfer

In the event of a transfer or transfer, you must be informed of its reasons and provided with the necessary care during the process.

Patient responsibilities

Being informed and familiar with the above list of rights and responsibilities allows you to do the following